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Monday, 18 February 2008

Ko Phi Phi -. The Island in the Sun

It was our intention to stay on Pee Pee for a day if we found any accommodation or return back to Krabi the same day or go to Pukhet. However, we got a double room at Uphill Cottages and decided to stay one night and go back the next day on the last ferry leaving at 16.00 hrs. Our cottage was the last one at the top and I found it difficult to go up all the steps to reach our room. The view from the balcony which overlooked the pond and the county side was great and the room was OK. The bed was comfortable and there were few mosquitoes, however there was a bad smell in the bathroom and the fan was throwing down all the air right on top of us. And every time I tried to open the tap, it would come out of the socket. And no mirror.

So when we went down and told the manager about this problem of bad smell and climbing up all the steps, his wife laughed and promised to change the room next day and give us the very first room at the beginning of the steps. We also met an old lady from Singapore who had the room next to ours and had been staying there for more than one year. So we said what the heck, if a woman older than us can climb up all the steps, we could do the same. And next day when we came back in the afternoon, our luggage had been moved to the new room which indeed was spacious, with a big bed and properly tiled bath room. But no mirror.

So instead of staying one night, we stayed there three nights and enjoyed our sojourn. On the morning of our last day, we got up early, went down and had a breakfast of pancakes filled with chicken and cabbage, fresh fruit juice and coffee and then strolled down to the beach. There were few people about although we knew that by ten 0'clock the beach will be full. All the young people must be sleeping after enjoying Pee Pee nights out. The sea was calm, not a breeze and we waded in the water for nearly a kilometer and the water barely reached our waist. What a fantastic place is Pee Pee.

Afterwards we left the beach and came back to the Uphill Cottages and showered and changed and came down again to find about the ferries leaving for Krabi and Phuket. We were told by the wife of the manager that ferries left at 14.00 hours and we could buy the ticket right there, from them. So that was that, the husband brought down our luggage and told us that he will take it to the jetty. So once again we went strolling through the winding streets, saying hello to everybody and reached the jetty. At14.00 hours we said good bye to Ko Phi Phi Don, the island in the Sun and took the ferry to Krabi Town.
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