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Camino de Santiago. An interrupted Journey

Camino de Santiago
An interrupted Journey

08.06.2008 - 22.06.2008 31 °C

My sincere apologies to the readers of my travel blog for abruptly discontinuing writing about my journey through the villages and cities of Spain which I and my wife traversed last June 2008. Something happened to me, depression, apathy (and I love writing) or some kind of anxiety; honestly I do not know what, which became a block and I had no feeling to touch the computer (which I did not touched for more than two months).

We went to Spain and reached Santiago, which is a fabulous city, we enjoyed the food and wine on the way, but the journey was not fulfilling. Hundreds of books have been written about Apostel Santiago, many persons have written about their experiences en route to reach this holy place but we did not feel the same thrill. What we saw was the greed, selfishness, even arrogance of fellow travellers. They lacked the spirit of pilgrimage and humbleness, they were ordinary people, French (most) Italians (many), Germans (many) and some Americans, all for one reason or other, were on the road to Santiago. In one Alberge some one had written in Spanish an apt description of the fellow travellers:"hay mas gilipollas que peregrinos en El Camio".

I will write about our journey but at some other time. I will write about the wonderful places, the sights and sounds of rural Spain, a country I love.

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