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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Human Rights-Does AnybodyCare?

Human Rights


Some time ago Australia's new government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issued a formal apology to Aborigines for the abuses they suffered in the past centuries. Nothing has been heard about their grievances since then.

Mr. John Howard, the defeated PM refused to offer a full apology to the Aborigines, saying the current generation should not feel guilty about mistakes from the past. What arrogance and hypocrisy.
The Indigenous Australians have been the victims of the white population for nearly a hundred years. Will the mutilation of their culture, uprooting of their children and handing over to white families under the Australian government’s so called “assimilation” policies for nearly sixty years, can be remedied by an apology from the current PM?

The US government has never apologized to the Pueblo Indians for taking away their lands, destroying their heritage and their culture, denying them the right to own their own lands.Without looking much back,the present US government has not apologized to Iraqis for invading their country and killing over a million Iraqis.

The British government has also refused to apologize to Iraqis.British govt has not apologized to the inhabitants of Chago Islands who were duped, deceived and uprooted from their motherland and dumped on Mauritius Islands. Chago islands and Diego Garcia were under British yoke and were secretly handed over to US government with a promise to get rid of its inhabitants.No past or present British government has ever apologized or expressed regret or remorse over its role in African slave trade .

No French governments ever apologized for slavery by their country men on their plantations in the Carribean and south pacific islands. No Belgian governments ever apologized for their atrocities and human rights abuses in Congo.

The Spanish conquistadors destroyed ancient civilizations in South America, plundered and annihilated, debased and destroyed entire populations. The European nations wiped out entire populations in the South Seas islands. By introducing alcohol, guns, Christian religion, diseases, they wiped out generations of islanders. The list is interminable.

What is in an apology from an incumbent politician of a country? If I were to step on the toe of a person, drop hot coffee on his jacket, then I would apologize. But countries and their respective governments who systematically plundered, destroyed, annihilated other countries and their populations, should be held responsible. They should be forced, through international courts of justice, to pay compensation to the descendants of all those people whose ancestors were made slaves, their civilizations destroyed, killed outright and whose human rights were systematically abused.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan still goes on, Palestinians are being systematically punished, for more than 40 years they have been languishing in refugee camps pushed and punished there by Zionist Government of Israel, who even now, never stop making the German Government and its people responsible for putting Jews in Ghettos and Concentration Camps by the Nazis. People of Tibet, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, North Korea and many African
Countries have become refugees, trampled, beaten, abused and killed by their respective rulers. Why do dictators believe that they must kill their own populations in order to rule over them?

In Europe the Governments never stop self praising themselves as being civilized, protectors of Human Rights. However, there is increasing White Slavery in Europe, children and women from eastern European countries kidnapped, promised jobs and better living standards, then forced into prostitution and sub-human work and living conditions. There is no end to abuse of African immigrants. Monopolies, Subsidies, High Inflation, High Gasoline Prices, all are well and alive, big corporations filling their own pockets and the pockets of their shareholders, forcing ordinary people to suffer the brunt of ever increaing costs and prices. What is the difference between governments of today and the kings and sultans of yesteryear who used to burn the villages, hang people who could not pay their taxes?

Is it not time we all stand up together UNITED and SHOUT OUT LOUD

'STOP HUMAN ABUSE' !. Thank you.
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