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Friday, 22 February 2008

Bangkok. Thailand The Fabled Country

Bangkok The City On The Move
Fellow Travelers, welcome to Bangkok, the unplanned and chaotic city of teeming millions, high-rise hotels and modern office buildings, streamlined space-age shopping malls, labyrinth of fly-overs and foot bridges, mind boggling traffic jams and irrelevant street addresses.

The old part of city and the other side of the river is full of hundred of food stalls, temples and an atmosphere of slumbering village, which has long since fallen into ruin. And the new city center of elevated motorways and Sky train, the ultra modern commercial district of Th Sukhumvit brings you to the present day Bangkok. Welcome to the City on the Move. But once you enter the busy Siam Center with its elegant shops, cafes and restaurants, you will feel that unwittingly, you have been transported to a futuristic city. Except for the noise and the high level of pollution which has been strangling the city since a very long time.

The ancient city of Bangkok and indeed Thailand on the whole has been transformed into a modern society. People are friendly, well behaved., polite, well dressed and educated in far more ways than the society in western countries. It is visitor friendly, hospitable, fabulously charming. The population is mostly young, ambitious and eager to learn. Thailand is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, temples and ancient ruins which inspire you to delve into its history of political and social conflicts, rising and falling kingdoms, which have left their footprints on the pages of its history and monuments.

Thais seem to have preserved their dignity in today's world of vulgar commercialism, pursuit of pleasure is without any feeling of guilt since it was R&R of American soldiers returning from Viet Nam war which affected and corrupted the Thai society. American dollars have indeed corrupted the bodies and souls of many a people in many societies. So who could blame Thai people?

Thailand attracts more tourists than any other country in South East Asia. Hat Yai is popular with Malaysians who come their in pursuit of carnal pleasure. In Thailand sex is one of the main tourist attractions. Bangkok is like a giant sex hypermarket, the capital city of a country chocked by go-go bars, massage parlors, English and German bars, even whorehouses for Muslims.

But what is most degrading is the deluge of European sex tourists, sex offenders to be precise, who have damaged the fabric of Thai society. In countryside, Thai population is poor and there families have been forced to send their young children to Bangkok and Hua Hin, Pukhet and Pattaya, Hat Yai and other large cities to sell themselves to English and German pornographers. It was most reviling to see seventy and eighty years old, fat, bald and shaved heads, ugly tattooed old geezers going with boys and girls of very young age, their arms around them. I bet that these men never ever brought any flowers to their wives in their whole lives, never took them in their arms the way the do with young boys and girls in Thailand.

In Asia the dignity of a person, saving his Face, is most important. In Japan, China and in Thailand , the Loss of Face can lead to humiliation for the whole family and even a village. Men commit suicide if their name has been soiled. Foreign tourists and visitors are much liked in Thailand and many ex-pats have made it their permanent domicile. It is their moral obligation to their host country to respect and safeguard the dignity and honor of its people and not only discourage but to help curb the sex offenses committed by their country folk.

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