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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hua Hin to Bangkok. Thailand The Fabled Country

When we had started our trip to Malaysia and Thailand, we had said to ourselves, we will not hurry from one place to another just to reach there, stay a day or two and hop to another place. So when we reached Kuala Lumpur, we liked it very much and stayed there more days than planned. Same happened in Langkawi which is a fabulous island. It will be ideal to stay there for a fortnight or more, explore all the islands, swim, sun bathe, eat delicious food, read your favorite books and relax in the quietness of these islands. Transport is cheap and whenever you have the urge to go some place, hop in a taxi and go exploring.

In Hat Yai we stayed two days instead of one and when we reached Krabi, we took the boat to Phi Phi the next morning where also we stayed for three days. These were relaxing days, the lovely beaches and the bright days, the hot sun which warmed our bodies, giving us a sensation of well being. Friendly people and good food, long tail boat trips around the islands and gazing at the ever changing color of the sea, dark and deep blue, moss green and turquoise. Snorkeling in the open sea and in sheltered coves which were like natural swimming pools, and watching hundreds and hundreds of colorful tropical fish under the surface of the water. Towering rock formations and submerged caves, secluded beaches and never ending tropical forest. What a wonderful country Thailand is.

In Hua Hin where we had planned to stay for only two days, we stayed for four and now, the time of ending our trip was nearing. We had to be in Bangkok on the 24th November 2007 to take our flight back to Germany and it was already the 22nd. We would have very much liked to visit some other islands, had we not prolonged our stay in Kuala Lumpur and other places, but we did not regret it. Because we knew that, God willing, we will be back in Malaysia and Thailand. Our trip had not really ended, it was only a prelude to more travel in Southeast Asia.

So on the 23rd November we packed our bags and took a mini bus to Bangkok, our final destination and point of departure.
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